Birth Stories locations I wanted to say a HUGE thank you.  I came to one of your sessions last year (I think around March) from North London with my husband Laurie, recommended by a friend.    Anyway, after being absolutely petrified and really very frightened about labour before your course I ended up having the most amazingly quick and (relatively) painless labour!!   I gave birth a day early to a beautiful little girl. I managed to get to UCH fully dilated (I didn't know I was until the next day) - I made my first call at 1.10am in the morning to my sister and gave birth at UCH (just) at 2.43am!!  The whole experience was truly and unbelievably pain free.   One of the nurses came into the room the next day at the start of her shift to meet me - she wanted to know if I was the 'fully' (as in dilated!!) and asked me if I had done anything to prepare - I said hypnobirthing with you, she then said she thought so - she was actually a teacher and thought that I must have done hypnobirthing as from her 25 years as a midwife the labours that go the best are always via hypnobirthing! Vicky, London Hi Kristin Sorry it has taken me so long to send you this! I thought I'd let you know that I had a little girl 7 weeks ago, and had a very 'easy' labour - 7 hours long, no pain relief apart from a TENS machine, I listened to all 3 recordings all throughout and the breathing techniques helped enormously. It definitely wasn't pain free, but I think that the main benefit of hypnobirthing for me was that I didn't panic at any point, and felt very relaxed the whole way through. I was extremely lucky though as it was totally straightforward with no complications. I thought I would let you know as you mentioned you'd like to hear how it went! Hope you are very well, and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone else. With very best wishes, Anne (London) Hi Kristin Just to let you know that our beautiful son was born on Tuesday afternoon. As we had managed to convince the hospital to give us the normal amount of time before an induction, the whole process happened naturally. First contractions woke me up at 2.30am but I put the MP3s  back on and managed to doze intermittently until 6am. My waters broke at 8am but, annoyingly, the contractions stopped! Due to the polyhydramnois, I had been told to go straight to hospital as soon as my waters had broken so we were seen at the Ante Natal Day Unit at 10.30. They monitored me and were happy with what they saw so booked me in for an induction for the following day. Before going home, we had lunch in the M&S cafe down there and I experienced a return in contractions. They became more intense and by the time we walked back to the car park (around 1pm), I had to take some time out in a lavatory. The pain was pretty intense and I was really disappointed that early labour was so painful and scared that I wouldn't get through it without enormous amounts of drugs. Steve finally managed to persuade me to move far enough to unlock the door and immediately wanted to get help but I was scared of being left alone. After some effective negotiation and soothing techniques, he ran out and found a radiologist who asked two porters to take me back to the ante natal day unit. When they examined me, they found that I was 9cm dilated! I was rushed to a delivery room where our son was born 11mins later! It was an extraordinary and slightly surreal experience. Even yesterday, it still felt like an odd dream. Anyway, the main purpose of this email is to thank you for teaching hypnobirthing to us. It really helped me to have a birth that I would never have thought possible. Sara (London) I just wanted to let you know that our son, Frederick was born on 10 May 2011 - last Tuesday - weighing a whopping 4.08 kilos.  We're both doing really well, came home the same day and getting to know each other. The hypnobirthing was amazing and worked so much better than i could ever have hoped - we stayed at home until i was 9cm open and i have to say i found it totally manageable by just breathing and focussing through the surges.  I also used a TENS machine which i think was quite good.  Freddie was then born in the pool and it was all very calm.  Olly couldn't believe that i never shouted at him once - better than just a usual day! Claire Irwin (London) Hi Kristin,   Hope you are well. Just thought I would pop you an email to let you know that our daughter arrived safely on the 4th November. She weighed 6lb 14oz and is just adorable.(Biased Mum already:o))   She was a hypnobirthing baby, also natural delivery with only Gas and Air and tens machine. We had a wonderful experience at the home from home centre at St Thomas'. Everything went really well and she was delivered very comfortably with the support from Ben and our amazing Midwife.   Just want to thank you for the course. Both Ben and I look back on the birth with a lot of happiness and postivity and that certainly was a result of hypnobirthing.   Take care, Mel